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Earn rewards when someone joins EarnTV® from your unique link.
In the referral program, users have the opportunity to become ambassadors by successfully referring 20 or more individuals. Once a user achieves this milestone, they are rewarded with 200 tokens and elevated to the status of ambassador. This system encourages users to actively promote and share the platform with others, as they are incentivized by both the prospect of earning tokens and attaining ambassador status. By becoming an ambassador, users gain recognition and potentially unlock additional benefits or privileges within the program. 

How it works


Download the EarnTV® app and invite 20 new, unique users. Upon reaching this goal, you become part of our Ambassador program!


Post about EarnTV® on social media and include your unique invite link. You can create your own content or use something from our creative library.


Grow your invites and redeem them for cash and exciting rewards in the Ambassador Hub, right in the EarnTV® app.

Become an EarnTV® Ambassador